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Winter Tips: Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips With These Tips

People have chapped lips throughout the year, but it can get much worse during winter months. With the cold, dry winter season, the presence of chapped lips tends to increase. So how to prevent and treat chapped lips during this winter?

First off, what exactly lead to chapped lips?

Little humidity in the air during the winter months is known to cause chapped lips. Frequent sun exposure in the summer can also worsen your condition. Another common cause of chapped lips is habitual licking. Saliva from the tongue can further strip the lips of moisture, causing more dryness.

This can make the lips look cracked, flaky, and raw in some areas, which can be really uncomfortable. Your lips don’t have oil glands, so they’re almost always exposed to the elements. Remember, lips are a special type of skin that is thin and delicate and they are dry out ten times faster than the rest of the skin on your face so it’s really important to use extra protection.

How to keep your lips smooth and lovely all winter long?


  • Don’t lick your lips.


This is a common mistakes. Firstly, you will feel your lips smooth and not dry anymore. But if you keep doing this, he thin skin on the lips tends to dry out faster than the rest of our skin and that’s the main major of chapped lips. 


  • Use the lip-balm.


Regularly applying lip balms containing ingredients like occlusive agents. It is a must-have step in this winter to prevent from chapped lips. This will lock in the moisture and help to heal cracks and splits in the skin. At night, apply lip balm before you go to bed. The easiest way to incorporate extra hydration is to make putting on a lip balm a consistent before-bed habit to repair lips overnight. 


  • Avoid brushing or rubbing your lips when they are flaky or peeling.


It’s better not to scrub your lips or pick the peeling skin off with your teeth or your fingers. That just creates cracks and sores on your lips and can make things worse. Instead, apply a very heavy ointment-based balm that will be soothing and help to heal your lips.


  • Regularly exfoliating


Regularly exfoliating can help with flakes, but don’t overdo it. If you see flakes, all the thing you should do is to give the skin what it’s asking for, which is hydration. After moisturizing the lips, if there are still flakes, you can use gentle sugar scrubs.

So here are some tips that QuynhQuyen Beauty Center to to keep your lips comfy and moisturized. Hope you guys find this interesting and our advices can help you stay away from brutal time with chapped lips!

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