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Lash Lifting: Give the eyes miracle look. As a leading expert in the field of eyelashes curling in Vietnam as well as the pioneer in bringing this method into Vietnam, QuynhQuyen Beauty will make the eyelashes become curling, smooth and strong in all angle with 3D6D Lifting technique.

With flexible bending shaft and eyelash curling high quality chemical, Eyelash Lifting assures to bring you long, smooth, curling eyelashes from multiple angle and not dry or burnt. Also, right after curling your lashes, QuynhQuyen Beauty Center expert will treat your lashes with special treatment by applying fresh collagen onto, therefore your new lashes are not only in the most perfect form but also become stronger and healthier.


  • Step 1: Clean the eyelashes, eyelid carefully
  • Step 2: Define the appropriate lifting angle for eyelashes
  • Step 3: Curling eyelash
  • Step 4: Conditioning and fix eyelashes lifting
  • Step 5: Check eyelashes before finishing
  • Step 6: Nourish eyelashes with fresh and gentle collagen

Normally Eyelashes Lifting can last up to 2 months, depending on different people. To maintain the beauty of eyelashes, customers should:

  • Avoid water within 06 hours after curling
  • Avoid rubbing eyes with hands

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Eyelashes Lifting Testimonial done by QuynhQuyen Beauty Center expert

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