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5 tips to have beautiful eyes

The woman’s eyes are the center of all emotions, leaving a lot of impression on the male in the encounter, communication.
Therefore, women are constantly trying to take care for their eyes. The methods of beautifying the eyes are also growing. Join with Kenh14 for a list of beauty treatments that are popular with sisters all over the world.

1. Use mascara

Advantages: long and thick eyelashes

– Use a forceps curl before applying

– Use specialized cleansing water every time you want to clean

– May be tainted, drifting

– Daily

2. Use fake eyelashes

Advantages: helps users own curved, thick, long eyelashes.


– Manipulation is relatively difficult if not mastered, even to the makeup expert

– Can be glued if glue is unlikely

– When removed, must use specialized bleach to remove the glue

– Most miracles look unnatural

– Daily

3. Eyelashs 3D6D curling

– Eyelashs 3D6D curling helps the eyes are wide, for the look attractive

– Eyelashs 3D6D curling is safe and natural, more than normal bending method

– Perform quickly, about 40-60 minutes

– Help curves from root to top

– With collagen treatment, soft and shiny eyelashes

– Maintain curvature for 30-45 days

– Save time to makeup

– There are various types of shafts and curvature to meet the needs of each person

– Not only suitable for long eyelashes, including short lashes also bring the desired results.
Disadvantages: bending back after 30-45 days to curl beautiful again.

4. One by One Eyelashs Extensions


– The most popular method of eyelashs extensions in the world

– Each lightly woven lash is well-placed on each eyelash with a high-strength, water-resistant glue that helps keep the eyelashes smooth, comfortable, irritated, itchy or heavy.

– Curved, thick and long eyelashes, shorter lashes, adjustable for natural or long impression

– Beautiful eyelashes give the eyes more depth and add charm

– Perform quickly, about 40-60 minutes

– Durability of 25-30 days

– Save time makeup

– Can wash your face normally.

One by One Eyelash Extensions before and after

Disadvantages: After 25-30 days of maintenance, if you want your lashes to look as good as new.

5. Minor surgery

Include several methods such as eyelid cutting, eyelid surgery, eyelash transplant …
Advantages: lasting for several years or permanently

Disadvantages: high cost, need recovery time after minor surgery

Above are the methods of beautifying the eyes are female favored and popular in recent years. Each method has its own pros and cons. Make sure you choose the most appropriate and important way to choose the best quality products and reputable addresses to make your eyes look more attractive.

The article uses the image and materials of Quynh Quyen Beauty ( Mi xinh Spa), the most prestige Beauty Center of Eyelashes Extension – Lifting for 5 years. At the same time, this is the address of  Eyelashs 3D6D curling and One by One Eyelashs Extensions many other hotgirls, such as Miss Ngo Phuong Lan, Miss Duong Tu Anh.


Quỳnh Quyên Beauty – “Love the way they look at you”

– One by One Eyelashs Extensions

– Eyelashs 3D6D curling

Quynh Quyen Beauty – Love the way they look at you.

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