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Miss Duong Tu Anh says about us

“The services of QuynhQuyen Beauty are very good and professional and highly aesthetically.  So it’s very difficult to find such a beauty base all over the country, and I’m very pleased and will continue to favour.”

” Eyelash extensions always help me to feel more confident because I don’t need to makeup. So many years I have always trusted only Ms Thuy Quynh and Ms Thuy Quyen. If you want to have beautiful eyelashs like me, you can connect to boss of QuynhQuyen Beauty. ”

That is the honest sharing of Ms Duong Tu Anh, a very loyal customer of QuynhQuyen Beauty. She often visits Add 1: 21 Ha Noi to connect with me before going on a tour or business away from Hanoi for a few days.

There are times she goes with her Manager, once only to go alone, but regardless of the time to QQB, Duong Tu Anh is also very close and friendly to everyone. That is why more and more people love her.

Thank you Duong Tu Anh for trusting us!

For more information and to meet professor, you can contact us via the Hotline at two locations or you can go directly to QuynhQuyen beauty. Thank you.

Quynh Quyen Beauty – Love the way they look at you.

Add 1:  21 Ha Hoi Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Hotline: 091 383 6861

Add 2: No 12, Ngách 65, 59 Hoang Cau Str., Hanoi

Hotline: 091 383 6861

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